The matchstick and the hearth

The matchstick …

Flies into the air

A tumbling,




Breathed out but gently from above

To whisper ‘come, do join my dance

A dance of beauty

light and hope

A dance of twosome

in one stroke.



Down it goes

To seek an answer to its quest.

A thundered whisper of

silent invitation to a gentle, fragmentary, momentary,
gloriously heady spin-around-the-room-with-me dance of tender warmth with me, never to forget of me that calls to you

‘Wake up and share my eye

To see the beauty that I espy.

The hearth

I sit here safe in my cold furnace

Protective walls around my heart

Once stupid, soft and free for all

Now nestled in cold arms of shiel

Not true to say my feelings buried

Never to peek out the bars

But carefully positioned,

With softest love to family

And soft to  proven friends

Most vulnerable still unto my Maker

Whose loving arms embrace my soul.

Yet it would be true to say

Embers of passions once hot now cold

Kept safely in check to keep out the pain

Not just for me, of course, for family.

It’s best to keep all ordered this way.

Don’t let them out

Those fickle feelings

Such trouble they have brought before.

And yet my Maker made me have them

Would have me yet enjoy them still

Promised to teach me in peace to tarry

With them complete in my soul  

To learn how fruit of Spirit

May bring them life in bright new day

So when the firey dart does whisper

‘Wake up and share my eye

To see the beauty that I espy”

Let embers that were cold, grow warm

                  Let kindling feed the warm embrace.

                           Bring glow to warm forgotten hearth

                                    Bring cautious steps into the dance

And do not fear the threat that lies more within than that without

‘Stead take those faltering steps forward

                  Know if you fall, you’ll be picked up

                           Do not lie in cold, dark walls

                                   Where fears abound and keep you trapped

Warm heart and feet

To join the dance





and turn

For glowing embers seek to burn.

©Rosemary Purr 2021

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