The journey begins …

Thurrock Nature Reserve (Photo by Rosemary Purr)

A warm welcome

I invite you to join me on my adventures into creativity. This is a place I’ve created to explore the world through poetry, stories, reflections and inspirations.

Why Taliesine?

In Taliesine I have sought to create a unique, feminised, form of the name ‘Taliesin’ which I chose for my first online avatar . Taliesin is a bard (poet, minstrel) in the epic Welsh saga, The Mabinogion and a figure I associate with poetry, fairytale and adventure.

It is in the guise of Taliesine that I seek to express that which is deeply creative, not only within me, but also in that which surrounds and inspires me.

©Rosemary Purr 2021

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